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Paternal Family

Henry Scott was born in Alverthorpe in Yorkshire in early March 1821 & married Ann Wood who was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire in early June 1824. Henry was the second son to Daniel and Elizabeth Scott. His siblings were Joshua, Martha, Eliza, Sophia and Ruth. Ann was the eldest daughter to Thomas and Annis Wood. She had four brothers, Joseph, Charles, Thomas, and Henry. She also had two sisters Mary and Emma. Henry and Ann married in London on 17th October 1842. They had four daughters and two sons. They emigrated to Australia in 1852 and he worked as a carpenter. Unfortunately Ann passed away on 13th February 1855 from acute hepatitis, dysentry and tuberculosis. Henry lived on and passed away 13 September 1882 in Melbourne and is buried in the Melbourne General Cemetery.


Mary Scott (b:1842) married Edward Martin (b:1838) 4 sons, 4 daughters
Sarah Elizabeth Scott (b: 1845) married Montague David Miller (b: 1841) 3 sons, 3 daughters
Ameilia Scott (b: 1847) married Theophilis Kew (b: 1845) 2 sons, 4 daughters
Henry Charles Scott (b: 1848) married Albertina Virginia Carey (b: 1852) 3 sons, 9 daughters
Elizabeth Scott (b: 1851) married TBC
William Scott (b: 1854) married TBC

Maternal Family

Peter "Patrick" Carey & Laurestina Carey nee Maria (Poizette, Antat, Whitty, Rosman).

Patrick was born in Port Louis in Mauritius in 1832 on 23rd February. His father was Michael Carey who was employed as a surveyor of roads in Mauritius. Laurestina was also born in Mauritius in 1832 and both of their family history is being investigated by our various dedicated family historians. We hope more information comes to light soon. Patrick and Laurestina left Mauritus on a sailing ship called "Australia" and arrived in Port Phillip Bay in 1853. The ship's register reads Mr Carey, Lady and infant as paid passengers. The infant they were travelling with was Albertina Virginia Carey. They soon set out for Ballarat gold fields. They would stay in this region until in the early 1870's. Patrick was a miner but later worked as a carpenter. Laurestina passed away on 20th August 1891 from heart and renal disease and was interred into the Drysdale cemetery the following day. Patrick went onto win a contract to build the Fire Station in Walhalla in 1901 and was paid 155 pounds for the contract. On a subsequent visit to Walhalla in 1905 after William's death he was visiting the Hider residence and took ill. He died from malignancy of the stomach and syncope on 19th March 1905 and was interred in the heritage listed Walhalla Cemetery on 20th March 1905.


Albertina Virginia Carey (b: 1852) married Henry Charles Scott (b: 1848) They married at the Wesleyan Church in Ballarat on 13th April 1870. They had 3 sons, 9 daughters.

Patrick Carey (b: 1856) TBC The search continues!!!!

John Carey (b: 1858) married Mary Watson (b: 1853) in Port Melbourne on 15th February 1886. They had one son John Bertram "Bert" Carey.

Julia Ann Carey (b: 1862) married Charles Romanis (b: 1862). They were married on 11 July 1894 in Geelong. and subsequently they had 4 sons and 5 daughters. Charles was a native of Ceylon and passed away in Sunbury on 21 July 1932 from senile decay. Julia passed away 3 years later from heart failure in Geelong. They are reunited in the Methodist section of the Geelong Eastern Cemetery.

Peter Lawrence (b: 1863) died at age 8 from Diptheria and he was buried in Kangaroo Flat in Bendigo.

William Carey (b: 1869) married Grace Rowe (b: 1872) on 14 June 1897 in Brunswick, Melbourne. They had no children. Tragically William was murdered in Alphington and died from his injuries. He was bashed and left on the road to die. An inquest into his death was conducted but the individual involved was equited due to evidence not being conclusive. He is buried in Coburg Cemetery. Grace went on to remarry a William Padfield but had no children from this marriage. She passed away in 1948 at the age of 76 and is buried in the Fawkner Cemetery.

Infants that died

Ellen (b&d: 1860),
Mary Louisa (b: 1859 d: 1860),
Joseph & James - twins died (b: 1866 d: 1867),
Laura (b: 1865 d: 1866),
2 (b & d: 1872) unnamed children
one stillborn baby (b & d : 1854)

Albertina Virginia Carey married Henry Charles Scott and proceeded to have their family in Sandhurst and then moved to Drysdale.


Louisa Maria Scott married Richard Bailey
Matilda Scott married Joseph Lowther Shield
Elizabeth Jane Scott died at 2 years of age
George William Scott married Asenath Emma Louise Scott
Amelia Laurestine Scott married Henry William Hider
Sarah Emily Scott married Thomas William Wiffen
Julie Bertha Scott married James Knott Trewartha & John "Bert" Bertram Carey
Mary Albertina Scott married Stephen Marcus Fox
Ada Evelyn Scott married George Harold Ellis
Edith Florence Scott married Walter Ferguson Warhurst
Ernest Stanley Scott married Ruby Esther Warhurst

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